Throughout the years we have heard stories about how family and friends back home need money, and how much it costs to send it. With this in mind, in 2005 Bethex FCU opened its doors to Money Remitters. This followed the decision by many banks to divest themselves of that business, considering it unprofitable. By our offering banking services to remitters, we provided a competitive environment, guaranteeing that people who need to send money to their relatives back home can do so affordably.

Presently we service more than 100 active corporate/MSB accounts (including but not limited to domestic and Internationally Headquartered Financial Institutions and Non-financial institutions such as Money Transmitters, Check Cashers, Bill Payers, Currency Exchange Dealers and other incorporated organizations or groups).

We have team of 10 members working directly with the remitters in a daily basis.

It is exciting to meet people from the many countries that remitters represent. We are very proud of the role we are playing in the growth of this industry. We feel a great deal of satisfaction when they compliment our excellent service.

Best of all, we are helping the many immigrants who use our remitters’ services to send money home and support their families – the reason they came to America in the first place.