Direct Deposit

Having all or part of your payroll check deposited directly to your credit union share (savings) and/or share draft (checking account) is as easy as 1-2-3! Click Here to download the form.

Just provide your employer’s payroll department with the following information:

1. Our Name and Address:

Bethex Federal Credit Union
20 East 179th St. Lower Level
Bronx, NY 10453

2. Our Routing or Transit Number:


You may split your deposit between your savings and checking accounts any way you wish. Please feel free to call or have your payroll department call (718) 299-9100, if there are any questions.


In the event that you have arranged for direct deposit of your payroll check, but find that the funds have not been deposited as expected, bring or send a fax of your pay stub. With this documentation, Bethex will credit your account for the missing funds until an investigation is conducted and the funds have been located. Once found, the funds will be used to repay the credit union for the funds credited on your pay day.